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Let your imagination run wild and design custom magnets

Refrigerator magnets can be found in almost every kitchen just like pots, pans and plates. They not only offer the opportunity to attach documents such as photos, postcards or notes to the refrigerator, but can also function as decorative eyecatchers. When designing custom magnets instead of using ordinary magnets, you add a personal touch to your kitchen. Read on to find out how to create beautiful personal magnets!

Fridge magnets

Design a magnet with your own photo: Here's how

Get creative and choose your most beautiful photos to design custom photo magnets. There are two ways:

Option 1: Personalized magnets using magnetic sheets

A popular method to turn photos into fridge magnets is to use self-adhesive magnetic sheets. Simply cut them to the size of the picture. The cutout is then attached to your favorite photo - this way, you can attach a custom magnet with your own photo to your fridge! See how easy it’s done with our step-by-step instruction:

Step 1

Step 1

Cut the magnetic sheets into the desired shape with regular household scissors or a box cutter.

Step 2

Step 2

Carefully remove the magnetic sheet’s protective layer to uncover its adhesive side.

Step 3

Step 3

Stick the magnetic sheet with its adhesive side to the back of your desired photo.

Step 4

Step 4

Now, you can attach the photo to metal surfaces such as fridges. You can also stick light paper items such as shopping lists, notes or concert tickets to your fridge with your newly created refrigerator magnets. Thus, the custom photo magnets are not only beautiful to look at, but also practical to use!

Option 2: Design magnets using magnetic plates

If you want to quickly create personal magnets but don't have scissors handy to cut magnetic sheets, magnetic squares and dots are a great alternative. Thanks to their self-adhesiveness, magnetic plates can be easily attached to the back of your photo.

Magnetic plates

Versatile DIY ideas: Create your own custom magnet

Not only photos, but other small items can be attached to the fridge with the help of magnets as well. Read on to discover more ideas on how to personalize your kitchen:

Magnetically attach metal objects to the fridge

Tired of searching for small metal objects in drawers or boxes and want to have paper clips, push pins and other small objects always at hand? With the help of self-adhesive magnetic sheets or magnetic tape, you can create adhesive surfaces to keep small items in one place and stop them from getting lost. Simply stick the magnetic sheet on a flat surface and attach light metallic objects to it. This is useful in the kitchen, for example, when documents lying on the kitchen table need to be quickly stapled together with a paperclip. If you have a magnetic pinboard and want to conveniently pin postcards or photos to it without having to spend time looking for push pins or staples, you can simply collect these little helpers on the magnetic sheet or magnetic tape.

Turn pens, scissors and more into custom magnets

With the help of magnetic plates and tapes, you can magnetize lightweight items like whiteboard markers. To do this, simply stick one or more magnetic strips onto a pen, which will then magnetically attach to your fridge. This is useful if you have a magnetic weekly planner on your fridge and want to keep the whiteboard pen handy at all times.

Magnets + Lids = The easiest custom magnet

Normally, you throw away the lids of lemonade, beer or water bottles made of glass after having opened the bottle. However, most of the often colorful lids also stick to magnets and can be used in a decorative way on your refrigerator.

With our self-adhesive disc magnets, you can also craft non-metallic bottle lids into eye-catchers for your refrigerator. It's easy to stick the magnets to the lids - and they'll stick to your whiteboard as well.

Fridge magnets

Design magnets: simple, fast and individual!

Designing your own magnet is pretty easy. With the help of magnetic sheets, plates, tapes or ferrite magnets, you can create personalized magnets for your kitchen in no time at all. Custom magnets can also serve as gifts.

Magnets in the kitchen - always a good idea

Aside from creating personalized magnets, you can also accomplish a lot of other things with magnets in your kitchen. Instead of storing your knives in a drawer or knife block, you can attach them to the kitchen wall using extra strong magnetic tape, for example. Read here how to create your own magnetic knife strip. Spice jars can also easily be attached to the refrigerator with large magnetic plates. In this article you can learn how it works step by step!

Discover more applications and DIY possibilities with magnets now in our blog or browse through our online store. Should you have any questions about our assortment or the areas of application for individual products, please do not hesitate to get in touch - we will be happy to help you.