Magnetische Gewürzdosen gestalten mit Magnetband und Magnetplättchen

Magnetic spice jars: An organizational highlight in the kitchen, garden shed or workshop

Space-saving storage options come naturally when you can use magnetic tape to attach your spice jars to your refrigerator, a metal door or cabinet, or conveniently hang them under a shelf. Find out how to create custom magnetic spice jars now!

Magnetic Spice Jars

Spice jars in the kitchen: various storage possibilities

The fact that spices are part of every dish is known not only to professional chefs, but to anyone who has ever prepared a dish themselves. If you use more than just salt and pepper for seasoning, you will quickly have a large number of spice tins in the kitchen - this not only takes up valuable space, without an organizational system you will also quickly lose track of the jars’ locations.

In order to avoid losing track of any spice jars, it is helpful if each seasoning has its own magnetic spice container for storage. This kind of storage organization can be achieved in different ways: You can buy, for example, a tin with a metallic lid which adheres to magnetic strips. You can also attach a magnet to a spice tin so that it sticks to metal surfaces.

Find out which magnetic spice jars are perfect for your purpose by reading the article below:

Magnetic Spice Jars

Make your own magnetic spice jars: here's how

This way of magnetically adhering spice jars is particularly suitable for small kitchens, as already existing gaps can be used efficiently. All you need are spice jars with a metallic lid and a strong magnetic tape or magnetic strips.

Care should be taken to ensure that the magnetic tapes and strips you choose are strong enough. Therefore you should run a test of mounting the spice jars magnetically over a soft surface to see in advance if your spice jars will hold securely and reliably to a magnetic strip without falling off.

You can then cut an individual magnetic strip and stick it to the underside of a shelf, for example, so that the spice jars stick to it magnetically with their lids. Now you can simply remove the spice jars or jars from the magnetic holder and always have an eye on which spice is currently in your collection!

Attach spice containers using magnets

If you don't want to buy new jars with metallic lids to magnetically attach your spice tins, you can also repurpose your existing containers. Once you have made your spice jars magnetic, they can then be attached to metal surfaces such as refrigerators, storage shelves and the like, and will no longer take up space in drawers, on shelves or in cabinets. Depending on the weight of the cans, you have several options:

Attach magnetic spice jars using large magnetic squares or dots

If your spice jars are light and small, one or more large, self-adhesive magnetic dots or squares are often enough to attach them to a metallic surface. All you need to do is remove the protective film from the back of a magnetic plate to expose the adhesive side. After that, you can attach it to the spice jar.

If there is no space on your refrigerator or you want to hang your spice jars elsewhere but lack a metallic surface, you should opt for a self-adhesive metal tape, which is easy to attach anywhere in the kitchen. Light objects are always within reach when you adhere them to a ferrous tape.

Attach magnetic spice jars using magnetic tape or magnetic strips

For heavier spice jars made of glass or metal, it works best to use a particularly strong magnetic tape or magnetic strips suitable for this purpose. Both a magnetic tape and strip can be flexibly cut to size and are perfect for individually determining the desired length and magnetic strength needed for your project. Please remember: The magnetic tape should always have as much contact surface as possible on the metal surface so that the adhesive force can fully develop. Uneven can lids or surfaces are therefore not recommended when working with magnetic tapes, as those have a negative influence on a magnetic tape’s hold.

Organize your kitchen using magnetic products from GAUDER 

Would you like your metal pots and jars to be colorfully labeled so that you no longer lose track of your plants, herbs or spices? With the GAUDER writable magnetic strips, labeling is made easy and convenient. Our magnetic dry erase labels adhere reliably to metallic surfaces and can be written on using the included pen. Should the magnetic label need to be attached to another can or pot, that's no problem - the writing can simply be wiped off the label with the marker’s sponge cap and new words can be written onto it.

Pre-cut self-adhesive magnetic strips can not only help you with creating your own magnetic spice jars. They can also be used in other ways when it comes to organizing your kitchen, for example, as magnetic strips for knives.