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For a tidier kitchen: attach knives to the wall with the help of magnets

What is a perfect utensil not only for small kitchens, but also for larger cooking areas? The answer: a magnetic knife holder to which knives can be attached. In this article, you will learn more about the advantages of a knife bar, its features and a guide on how to attach a magnetic knife strip. Read on now and find out how to tidy up your kitchen in just a few simple steps!

The kitchen - one of the most important rooms at home

Hardly any room is as versatile as the kitchen: it not only functions as a place for cooking and baking, but also serves as a meeting place for family members, friends, roommates and guests. This is why it is important that this area in your own four walls receives special attention.

A well-organized kitchen will ensure that you save time and effort, since it means that you do not have to constantly search for utensils, ingredients or other items. This article is about how to organize small kitchen tools in a particularly space-saving way, using a knife holder.

knife block

What is the best way to store sharp knives?

In many kitchens, knives are stored in a drawer or a knife block. The former has the advantage that you can create individual divisions within the drawer with the help of special dividers and thus organize the knives according to size, sharpness, purpose or other criteria.

A knife block, on the other hand, provides a visual eye-catcher in the kitchen, provided that the wood from which it is made is of high quality. The knives can then simply be pulled out of the block by their handles and are immediately ready for use.

A space-saving alternative to the above-mentioned options is a method that is becoming increasingly popular: the use of a magnetic knife holder that can be attached to the wall. A magnetic knife rack is quickly attached, is of simple design and has many other advantages, which you can read more about below:

Magnetic tape instead of knife block or drawer: the advantages of a magnetic rail

To attach a magnetic knife holder that attracts medium-sized kitchen tools, a considerable magnetic force is necessary. Therefore, strong magnetic strips with a thickness of 4 mm should be used for the magnetic bar. Alternatively, you can resort to a particularly powerful magnetic tape with a special foam adhesive. This ensures a reliable attraction force and the advantages of the magnetic knife holder can be used optimally.

A space-saving and handy alternative

Attaching a magnetic tape to the wall does not take up space on countertops or in drawers, making it an efficient way to store knives. Since the walls in the kitchen mostly go unused, the magnetic strip can be easily attached there, leaving the other spaces free for larger objects like kettles.

With a magnetic knife holder, you always have your knives at hand. This way, you don't have to search for the appropriate kitchen utensil in a narrow drawer and risk hurting yourself with a sharp blade. Thanks to the free-hanging magnetic knife strip, you can see at first glance which knife is currently best suited for the work to be performed, and are able to remove it safely and quickly.

Visually appealing protection from the danger of blunt knives

High quality knives are too beautiful to be hidden away in a drawer or knife block. A magnetic knife holder shows off the knives’ blades and handles in a special yet simple way.

But it is not only for practical or optical reasons that it is worthwhile to resort to a magnetic knife bar: In a drawer, many knives lie close together. The resulting friction can cause damage to the blades, which in the worst case can make the knives dull. If you use a magnetic knife strip instead, no friction will occur.

For whom is a magnetic knife holder suitable?

Essentially, a magnetic tape for knives can be attached in any kitchen. Thanks to the strong foam adhesive, the magnetic tape holds reliably on any surface, for example, on tiles, wallpaper or other wall coverings - just attach your custom knife holder anywhere. Likewise, the magnetic knife rack cannot damage your knives, meaning you can mount it without having to worry about your kitchen utensils.

Magnetic holder for knives - ideal for small kitchens

In small kitchens, every centimeter of work surface often counts. However, these surfaces are often obstructed by items such as kitchen utensils, spice jars or knife blocks, resulting in a lack of surfaces for cutting and peeling.

This is where a magnetic knife strip can help: Simply use it to attach knives to the wall instead of letting a knife block take up unnecessary space on your countertop. Not only will you be able to access your knives faster, but you'll also save space and create a larger area for food preparation.

How do you make a magnetic knife holder?

You can create a magnetic knife holder tailored to your personal needs quickly and easily yourself. All you need are strong magnetic strips or a magnetic tape with foam adhesive and a pair of standard household scissors:

  1. Choose how long you want your magnetic knife bar to be and cut the section from the magnetic tape accordingly.
  2. In order to attach heavier knives, use several magnetic strips.
  3. Stick one or more individual magnetic strips - with the adhesive side up - on your previously cleaned wall and press firmly so that the adhesive can develop its full strength.
  4. Now you can attach your knives to the magnetic knife strip and enjoy a tidy kitchen!

The advantage over a commercially available magnetic strip is that with this method, you can work completely individually and create your very own magnetic knife bar, tailored to your kitchen.

Important: Choosing the right magnetic tape as your knife holder

To ensure a secure hold of the knives on the holder, it is essential to make sure that only a particularly strong magnetic tape with foam adhesive is used when creating your own magnetic knife strip. Other magnetic tapes do not have sufficient magnetic force to hold knives to the wall and should not be used for this purpose.

In addition, the knife should be a sufficient distance from the surface on which the magnetic tape will be placed, so that its handle does not interfere with the fixation of the blade to the magnetic tape. In general it’s important to remember that the more contact surface the blade has on the magnetic tape, the better the knives will hold.

Magnetic products in the kitchen - endless possibilities

Using a magnetic knife strip to attach sharp utensils isn't the only way you can use magnets to keep your kitchen tidier. In this article, you can learn how to use magnetic labels and colorful magnetic tape to organize your spice and herb collection.

Using magnets, there are no limits to your creativity in the kitchen. Fridge magnets can be used as decorative highlights and, at the same time, to place postcards, photos, notes and other documents on the refrigerator for all to see.

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