Set of Magnetic Hooks with adhesive pads


Set of Magnetic Hooks with adhesive pads

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The GAUDER magnetic hooks with adhesive pads

  • VERSATILE USE - The GAUDER neodymium hook magnets are ideally suited for metal surfaces such as flip charts, whiteboards, pin boards or refrigerators in offices, homes, schools, universities and workshops.
  • EASY TO INSTALL - The small magnetic hooks can be easily attached - no screws, nails or tools required. Oil and dirt reduce the load bearing capacity.
  • GAUDER TOP QUALITY - GAUDER strong magnetic hooks (34 mm long * 20 mm wide) are extremely strong and sturdy in shape and size. All GAUDER magnets are manufactured using an elaborate anisotropic process.
  • STRONG ADHESION - These magnetic hooks have a pulling force of up to 3 kilograms on horizontal surfaces - mountable without screwing, drilling or nailing. Adhesion is reduced on vertical surfaces.
  • GAUDER IS THERE FOR YOU - After your purchase, the GAUDER team will provide you with extensive advice and support. Your satisfaction is our first priority.

The GAUDER magnetic hooks are suitable for fastening a wide variety of objects. They are ideally suited for hanging tools or kitchen utensils. Install these neodymium hook magnets easily and effortlessly on metal surfaces, such as flipcharts, whiteboards, bulletin boards or refrigerators. We will not leave you alone after the purchase: If the magnetic hooks are not applicable or strong enough for your purpose, simply contact us and together, we will find the best possible solution for you.

Scope of delivery: Neodymium magnetic hooks with 3M adhesive pads

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