Self-Adhesive Metal Tape


Self-Adhesive Metal Tape

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Length: 1 Meter
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The GAUDER self-adhesive Metal Tape

  • BEST QUALITY - The GAUDER self-adhesive metal tape made of solid sheet steel is carefully manufactured in Europe and meets the highest quality standards. 35 mm wide and 1 mm thick.
  • BASE FOR MAGNETS - Our GAUDER ferrous tape is a practical metallic steel strip to which you can attach pictures, drawings and plans with magnets.
  • ADAPTS TO YOU - The strong self-adhesive metal tape adapts perfectly to your wall thanks to the foam layer. Woodchip wallpaper is no obstacle.
  • FLEXIBLE TO USE - With several strips stuck together in parallel, you can create a magnetic wall. The GAUDER magnetic adhesive tape is the counterpart to our magnetic tape / magnetic strip.
  • GAUDER IS THERE FOR YOU - After your purchase, the GAUDER team will provide you with extensive advice and support. Your satisfaction is our first priority.


With the GAUDER metal tape, you can attach a wide variety of objects using magnets. Simply peel off the protective sheet and stick the self-adhesive metal tape to your wall. This also works the other way around - stick the self-adhesive ferrous tape to an object and it will then be attracted by magnets. We will not leave you alone after the purchase: If the metal tape is not applicable or strong enough for your purpose, simply contact us and together, we will find the best possible solution for you.

Scope of delivery: Self-adhesive metal tape

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