Magnetic Tape with foam adhesive (40 mm x 2 mm)

SKU: MT-1000x40x2-Foam

Magnetic Tape with foam adhesive (40 mm x 2 mm)

SKU: MT-1000x40x2-Foam
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Length: 1 m
9,99€ (9,99€/u) VAT included, Additional shipping charges may apply In stock
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  • FLEXIBLE TO USE - Attach small objects to magnetic boards and metal surfaces such as whiteboards, steel strips or refrigerators quickly and easily using our GAUDER extra strong magnetic tape.
  • STRONG ADHESIVE STRENGTH - The special foam adhesive and the protective film on its back ensure a reliable hold on a wide variety of surfaces such as plastic, wood, ceramics or even metal.
  • INDIVIDUALLY CUSTOMIZABLE - The tape can be cut to the desired size with scissors and can be removed later without adhesive residue. We offer it in four different lengths: 1 m, 3 m and 6 m.
  • VERSATILE POSSIBILITIES - Due to its self-adhesive feature, it is ideally suited for school, home, office & workshop. Use our GAUDER metal tape to attach magnets, other magnetic tapes and Tonies.
  • GAUDER IS THERE FOR YOU - After your purchase, the GAUDER team will provide you with extensive advice and support. Your satisfaction is our priority.
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