Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape


Self-Adhesive Magnetic Tape

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Length: 1,8 mm | 15 mm | 3 m
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The GAUDER self-adhesive Magnetic Tape

  • FLEXIBLE TO USE - With our GAUDER magnetic tape you can attach various objects such as photos, posters, pens, tools and knives to magnetic boards and metal surfaces such as whiteboards, steel strips or refrigerators.
  • STRONG ADHESION - The special adhesive and protective film on the back ensure a long-lasting and firm hold on many surfaces - whether wood, plastic, metal or ceramic.
  • INDIVIDUALLY CUTTABLE - The tape can be cut to your desired size with scissors and can then be installed - the adhesive strip on the back can be removed later without leaving any residue.
  • VERSATILE - Best suited for school, home, office & workshop - NOT DESIGNED for attaching Tonies, magnets and magnetic tapes. Please use our GAUDER Metal Tape in these situations.
  • GAUDER IS THERE FOR YOU - After your purchase, the GAUDER team will provide you with extensive advice and support. Your satisfaction is our first priority.


With GAUDER magnetic tape, you can attach a wide variety of objects to metal surfaces. Simply peel off the protective film and stick the self-adhesive magnetic tape to your object and it will adhere to metal surfaces. This also works the other way around - stick the magnetic tape to a surface and you have an adhesive surface for objects made of metal. We will not leave you alone after the purchase: If the magnetic tape is not applicable or strong enough for your purpose, simply contact us and together, we will find the best possible solution for you.

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