Window Screen Repair Tape (3 m x 50 mm)

SKU: FSMT-3000x50x0,5-Roll-bk

Window Screen Repair Tape (3 m x 50 mm)

SKU: FSMT-3000x50x0,5-Roll-bk
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  • EFFECTIVE PROTECTION - With GAUDER window screen repair tape (3 m x 50 mm), you no longer have to worry about flies, wasps, spiders or other insects in your four walls.
  • FAST ASSEMBLY - The GAUDER window screen patch kit is easy to use - patching a screen is done in just a few minutes.
  • HIGH QUALITY - Our GAUDER window screen repair tape is made of high-quality fiberglass material. The tape is translucent and UV-resistant, ensuring long-lasting quality.
  • INDIVIDUALLY CUTTABLE - If the offered size does not fit your needs, you can also easily cut the GAUDER window and door screen repair tape using scissors.
  • GAUDER IS THERE FOR YOU - After the purchase, the GAUDER team is available to provide you with extensive advice and support. Your satisfaction is our priority.


GAUDER window and screen door patch repair tape for repairing holes in screens — for an insect-free summertime!

Patching a screen is made easy with a GAUDER window screen repair tape since it allows you to create effective insect protection when your window screen is holey. Fix your window screen with our practical window screen door repair tape - whether you want to repair your fly screen door or window on the balcony, skylight or patio door. With the GAUDER screen door patch kit for window screens, you always make the right choice when it comes to ensuring an insect-free room in the summer.

If necessary, cut the mesh tape for screen repair to the desired size. To use the mesh screen repair tape, first remove the protective layer to expose its adhesive surface. Afterwards apply the window screen patch tape to the defective area of the fly screen. Thanks to its color, our black self-adhesive fiberglass mesh repair tape fits perfectly to insect screens. Within minutes, your mosquito net is ready for use again and offers its usual protection against flies, gnats, spiders and other vermin, all because of the fiberglass screen repair kit.

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